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DUI: Stop, Detention, Arrest

Effective Analysis To Detect Improper Police Procedures

As a knowledgeable San Luis Obispo DUI attorney, we have extensive experience reviewing police reports connected to driving under the influence (DUI) cases. As a dedicated DUI defense lawyer, we understand the importance of evaluating every detail of your case. We provide proactive representation to help minimize your consequences.

DUI: Stop, Detention, Arrest. 

In order for evidence to be admissible at trial, the Government must be able to establish probable cause for each major step in their DUI investigation. When conducting a traffic stop, police must have legal cause to pull you over. If the government can establish cause to stop you, they must have additional legal cause to detain you and administer field sobriety test. After detention, the police must establish additional legal cause to arrest you for DUI.

These three important steps create a type of legal domino effect. If police do not establish proper cause, we can file a motion to have evidence suppressed based on a violation of constitutional rights. It is important to note that only evidence obtained after violations occurred can be suppressed. That means if the police had cause to stop you but failed in their obligation to have legal cause to arrest you, the facts surrounding your stop can be included in court.

At the San Luis Obispo office of Earl E. Conaway, III, A Professional Law Corporation, we can review the investigative reports in your particular matter to determine whether police followed proper procedure when you were arrested for drunk driving. We understand the harsh social stigma and severe California DUI penalties associated with your charges. You could be facing a mandatory license suspension, time in jail and expensive fines. Our goal is to help minimize your consequences by fighting to get you the best result possible.

Our Arroyo Grande DUI attorney is available to discuss your situation during a free initial consultation. Please call us at 805-546-8797 or you can contact us online.

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"After firing two lawyers for failure to communicate with me and missed court dates, I was praying for a good lawyer and Earl was the perfect one for my case. He went above and beyond, constantly communicating with me with updates and what the strategy plan would be. I highly recommend him for anybody out there that wants a top notch lawyer that actually cares about his clients!"
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