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Bicycle Accidents

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Bicycle accidents are often the result of motor vehicle operators acting in a negligent manner. In California, bicyclists have the right to share roadways with motor vehicles. Obviously, the collision of a 3,000-pound car or 80,000-pound loaded semi-truck with a 25-pound bike can produce catastrophic damage. The result is usually severe injuries or even death. Our San Luis Obispo bicycle accident lawyers represent bicyclists in the greater California area.

Common Types of Bicycle Accident Injuries

Bicyclists often suffer incredibly severe injuries, which can include:

Typical Causes for Bicycle Accidents

Most bicycle accidents are the result of motor vehicle driver negligence. There are many reasons why bicycle accidents occur, including:

  • Distracted Driving - If the driver of a motor vehicle is distracted, this can cause them to crash into the bike and rider, resulting in severe injuries. 
  • Failure to Yield - One common type of bicycle accident occurs when the driver fails to yield to a bicyclist’s right of way, which can result in a broadside crash or head-on collision. 
  • Rear-End Collision - If the driver is reckless or careless, they may rear-end the bicyclist.
  • Parked Cars - If a driver in a parked car suddenly opens the door, a bicyclist may end up crashing into the window or car door, which can cause the bicyclist to be thrown over the door, resulting in a sudden stop and serious injuries.  
  • Poorly Maintained Roads - Unfinished construction, road defects and potholes can cause bicycle accidents.
  • Dog Bites - If unleashed dogs chase bicyclists and attack them, it can result in injuries. 

Whether the driver is 100 percent to blame in the accident or the bicyclists shares partial responsibility, California’s comparative fault laws allow victims to recover compensation. 

Complimentary Case Evaluation with a Top San Luis Obispo Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Healing from a bicycle accident or losing a loved one in this type of accident is extremely difficult. Earl E. Conaway, III, A Professional Law Corporation, and his legal team focuses on treating clients like family, offering compassionate support and patience during challenging times. 

As a California and area native, Earl E. Conaway, III, has more than 10 years of experience serving the San Luis Obispo area in personal injury law and has been awarded the honor of Top 100 Civil Plaintiff Lawyers by the National Trial Lawyers. 

Our team offers complimentary case evaluations. In fact, you can rest assured that your case is in the best hands because we never collect legal fees unless you receive an award or settlement for your injuries or loss. 

Conveniently located in downtown San Luis Obispo, we can arrange to meet you at home or in the hospital. We offer exceptional customer service, returning all our phone calls and emails within 24 hours. Contact us today to schedule your free appointment.

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