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Dog Bites

San Luis Obispo Dog Bite Attorney Represents Victims of Animal Attacks Throughout San Luis Obispo County

With more than a decade of experience, Earl E. Conaway, III, A Professional Law Corporation and San Luis Obispo dog bite attorney, has experience handling a wide variety of animal attack litigation claims. Dog bites and other animal attacks can be severe, causing serious physical and psychological injuries. Fortunately, California has laws in place to protect victims.

Our San Luis Obispo Dog Bite Attorney Will Fight to Prove Your Case

California has laws that allow owners to be held liable for dog bite incidents. While other states don’t hold owners responsible for cases where dogs have never had a previous history of biting, and the owner didn’t know the dog might bite a person, California is not such a state. California law does not give a pass or free bite to dogs, nor does it excuse their owners from accepting responsibility for their dog’s actions. 

Whether or not the animal showed signs of dangerous propensities, California law holds owners liable for the injuries their pets inflict on someone else. 

If the dog attack occurs in a public place, the pet’s owner is liable for the damages their pet causes, which means that the victim doesn’t have to prove owner negligence. In exchange, the owner cannot present a defense of exercising reasonable care. If, however, the attack occurs on the owner’s property, the strict liability rule will apply if the victim was lawfully on the property when the bite happened. This law extends to invited property guests, including those who have a business license to conduct affairs on the property, such as delivery people, meter readers, post office employees and repair workers. 

An experienced San Luis Obispo dog bite lawyer can further advise on your legal rights if you are the victim of a dog bite or attack. 

A Skilled San Luis Obispo County Dog Bite Attorney Will Consider All Possible Liability Claims

A dog attack can cause severe injuries, some that last a lifetime. Dog bites can cause permanent nerve damage or paralysis to limbs. Bites puncture the skin, leaving victims susceptible to disease, infection, disfigurement or permanent scars. As with any attack, there is pain and suffering, but sometimes people develop life-long fears of animals and dogs. This psychological trauma can prevent people from visiting parks or open spaces, especially if there are dogs in these areas. 

If the victim is a child, the consequences of a bite or attack may be devastating. Unfortunately, children are more vulnerable to dog bites because they are smaller, and their young age often prevents them from understanding the warning signs that a dog may attack. Even a small dog has enough strength and muscle power to crack bones or crush a child’s skull.

Contact a California Personal Injury Law Firm Today if You've Been Injured in an Animal Attack

If you or a loved one is the victim of a painful dog bite or animal attack, contact Earl E. Conaway, III, A Professional Law Corporation. Our highly-skilled San Luis Obispo dog bite attorney is prepared to handle related personal injury litigation, and our team will listen and investigate your story, gather evidence and advise you on your legal rights. We offer free consultations and only charge a fee if we recover damages on your behalf. Contact us today to schedule an appointment. We assist clients throughout San Luis Obispo County, including Morro Bay and Atascadero. 

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"After firing two lawyers for failure to communicate with me and missed court dates, I was praying for a good lawyer and Earl was the perfect one for my case. He went above and beyond, constantly communicating with me with updates and what the strategy plan would be. I highly recommend him for anybody out there that wants a top notch lawyer that actually cares about his clients!"
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