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Why Hiring an Experienced California Personal Injury Lawyer is Essential for Maximizing Compensation

October 31, 2023 in Personal Injury Litigation

Choosing the right attorney can be a difficult decision. This is especially true in personal injury cases, which often involve nuanced legal issues. Understanding the importance of hiring experienced counsel can assist you with the process of selecting a law firm. This article will, therefore, discuss how an attorney can be of assistance and why it is important not to attempt to deal with insurance carriers without representation.

An Experienced Personal Injury Attorney Will Identify All Possible Causes of Action and Take Steps Necessary to Protect Your Rights

Personal injury cases differ from many other areas of law in that they may involve numerous parties on the other side. Examples of this can include a trucking accident in which the truck’s driver, owner, and management company may all be named as defendants. Failing to identify and name all of the possible defendants can result in a responsible party being left out of the litigation. This, in turn, can result in an injury victim not receiving the full amount of compensation that they deserve. Furthermore, causes of action may exist against one defendant that may not exist against another. Counsel who has experience in handling such cases may be more likely to properly identify all of the relevant parties as they will have handled similar matters in the past.

An experienced attorney will also be familiar with the types of nuanced issues that often arise in personal injury cases. Issues unique or at least more common to this area of law include claims of comparative fault, requests for bifurcated trials, and more. Furthermore, experienced counsel will be versed in handling the extensive pre-trial Motion practice that occurs in this area of law. By retaining a firm to whom such issues are not novel, you increase the possibility that your case will be handled correctly from beginning to end.

Retain a California Personal Injury Attorney Rather Than Dealing with the Defendant’s Insurance Adjusters Directly

It is common after an accident for the defendant’s insurance adjusters to contact you. This is true whether you were involved in a car accident, a truck accident, or some other type of incident. These adjusters will attempt to claim that you should deal with them directly and that you should not hire an attorney. You must remember, however, that these adjusters are charged with protecting the best interests of the insurance company. It is their role to settle the case for the lowest amount possible. An attorney, by contrast, is charged with protecting your interests. It is their goal to gain you the largest possible settlement.

Contact A San Luis Obispo Personal Injury Attorney Today

If you have been injured in an accident, it is important that you retain a lawyer with experience in handling such matters. Our firm has a track record of protecting individuals, and we believe in standing up for the rights of people over those of insurance companies. Contact us online or by telephone at 805-546-8797 to speak with a San Luis Obispo personal injury attorney.

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