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The Common Causes of Truck Accidents in California

July 17, 2023 in Truck Accidents

California drivers are likely to be seriously injured if their vehicle is hit by a semi-truck. Such injuries can include spine or neck damage, paralysis, head trauma, and even wrongful death. Matters involving truck accidents can be highly complex as they can be the result of various causes. Understanding these potential causes can help those who have been injured to better understand their situation.

Trucking Accidents May Be the Result of Distracted Driving

The act of driving while distracted has increased in California over the decades. This includes truck drivers. The rise of smartphones creates a situation where a truck driver may be talking on the phone, looking at social media, or looking at a website while attempting to operate a big rig. This can result in accidents for obvious reasons. An experienced attorney can assist you in proving that a truck driver was utilizing their phone or engaging in other distracting conduct while operating their vehicle. This proof can come in the form of phone bills and records obtained through discovery and more.

Trucking Companies May be Negligent as to How They Hire and Supervise Their Drivers

All employers have an obligation to adequately screen their employees before hiring them. They also have an obligation to ensure that their employees are adequately trained. If an employer breaches this duty and an injury occurs, then the company may face liability. Examples of negligent hiring and supervision in relation to truck drivers can include failing to conduct an adequate background check, failing to perform initial and ongoing drug testing, and failing to have policies in place limiting the amount of time the driver spends on the road. If litigation becomes necessary, then your attorney will be able to obtain the personnel file of the driver as well as other internal company records. These types of records, or the lack thereof, can establish that the trucking company failed in its duty to adequately screen and supervise the driver.

Equipment Malfunctions Often Lead to Trucking Accidents

Semi-trucks carry large amounts of cargo. This cargo must be properly loaded and secured. Furthermore, the truck must have functioning signal lights and must be regularly serviced to ensure that there are no malfunctions related to its brakes, steering, and more. Unfortunately, trucking accidents are sometimes caused by unsecured cargo landing on a busy road or other mechanical failures. These types of accidents can lead to liability against the trucking company and its driver. Liability may also exist on the part of any third party who improperly loaded cargo on the truck. If an accident occurs due to an equipment malfunction, then your attorney will be able to help you identify all of the potential defendants.

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If you or a family member have been injured, then it is important that you contact a lawyer as soon as possible. Our San Luis Obispo truck accident attorney assists with such matters and our firm prides itself on providing a high level of service. Contact us online or at 805-546-8797 to schedule an initial consultation.

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